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Mayfair Banquets, Mumbai

Mayfair Banquets, Mumbai

Worli, Mumbai
Mayfair Banquets
8 pm
02 September Friday
Live at Veranda Bandra

Live at Veranda Bandra

Pali Hills, Bandra (W), Mumbai
Veranda Bandra
1 pm
25 September Sunday
Kitsch Mandi Celebrate Bandra Festival

Kitsch Mandi Celebrate Bandra Festival

D'monte Park, Bandra West
7 pm
19 November Saturday

Major Gigs

MTV Ray Ban Never Hide Sounds 8th September, 2013

MTV Ray Ban Never Hide Sounds

Indo Gypsies loved performing for this event, hosted by VJ Nikhil Chinapa, which was telecast on MTV. It was our very first show in our new 'Desi' attire!

Radio City 91.1 FM Music Mahotsav, Pune 18th June, 2013

Radio City 91.1 FM Music Mahotsav, Pune

A live one-of-its-kind Radio Concert aired on Radio City 91.1 FM Pune on “World Music Day”, for which Indo Gypsies got a huge response from the listeners. They were nominated in the Radio City Freedom Awards for the ‘Best Folk Fusion Artist’.

“The Oath of the Vayuputras: Shiva Trilogy 3” Book Success Event 31st March, 2013

“The Oath of the Vayuputras: Shiva Trilogy 3” Book Success Event

Indo Gypsies performed for the grand success of this popular book at Taj Lands End, beautifully placed on the coastline of Mumbai. It was attended by all the big names in the Bollywood industry, as well as telecast on various News Channels.

Times Of India Wassup Andheri Festival, Mumbai 1st March, 2013

Times Of India Wassup Andheri Festival, Mumbai

Indo Gypsies were the show stoppers at the Wassup Andheri Festival. This fest is a plethora of celebrities, with rare and fascinating art forms held at Chitrakoot Grounds.

IndiaFest Channel [V] LaunchPad 2013, Baga Beach, Goa 18th January, 2013

IndiaFest Channel [V] LaunchPad 2013, Baga Beach, Goa

Indo Gypsies are the winners of Channel [V] LaunchPad 2013, judged and awarded by Colin D' Cruz, Raghu Dixit and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. It featured the best bands from cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Goa. Their winning performance was telecast on Channel [V].

Opening Act for Band Indian Ocean at Shanmukhananda Hall, Mumbai 14th September, 2012

Opening Act for Band Indian Ocean at Shanmukhananda Hall, Mumbai

Indo Gypsies had an awesome time performing here for an audience of over 3000. For this, they were awarded as the ‘’Tata Docomo Superstars Of The Year 2013’’.

Zeal Festival IBS Pune 11th February, 2012

Zeal Festival IBS Pune

Indo Gypsies were delighted to perform for the alumni meet of all the IBS branches around the country. The crowd literally jumped on stage crossing the barricades.

Freedom Breakthrough Fest, Mumbai 16th November, 2011

Freedom Breakthrough Fest, Mumbai

Indo Gypsies headlined for the promotions of the Movie “Desi Boys” attended by its star cast at Rithumbara Grounds. A huge crowd showed up at the event!

Latest Audios & Videos

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Zidd Dhariyo

I Owe You

Soldier’s Love

Anjaani Raahein

MTV Rayban Never Hide Sounds – Live at HRC Mumbai with Raghu Dixit

Soldier’s Love – Official HD Video

Aayo Re – HD Live at Hard Rock Cafe

Live on MTV at Rayban Never Hide Sounds

Know About Us

It's all your love that made us reach till here. Read about the ups and downs in the journey of the band.

Indo Gypsies, hailing from Mumbai, is a Folk/Fusion/World Music band. Their music being firmly rooted in the Indian culture gives them their ‘Indo’ part. As for the ‘Gypsies’ side, everyone knows that gypsies are eternal travelers, treating the whole world as their home. Similarly, everyone from the band has an inclination towards a variety of genres, bringing a ‘World’ influence in their music. Their passion to experiment with these exuberant melodies and rhythms led to the creation of the band. Indo Gypsies seamlessly blend Folk music with a myriad of genres ranging from New Age, Western as well as Indian Classical. These folk appeal to a wide range of audiences, captivating everyone with their engrossing music and colorful, vibrant attires defining Indian culture.

In 2007, Nayan (Guitarist) being in engineering college, with a passion for music, had a concept of forming a band. However, he soon realized finding the members with his shared vision would not be as easy as it seemed. He struggled for four years doing this, but in vain. Finally, in late 2010, Nayan started jamming with his friends, mostly on Latin music. But they were in need of a keyboardist. Then, a few months later, Nayan met Durgesh (Keyboardist) at their college fest. (Yes they were in the same college but didn't know each other as they both never attended college). Durgesh agreed with Nayan's musical thoughts and decided to join in for jamming. This group eventually drifted apart, but Durgesh and Nayan was still firm on their vision to form a band. They then found Mahant (ex-Bassist), a guitarist as well as a college-mate, and the three of them started playing as an instrumental band. Having gelled pretty well, they performed for an inter-collegiate fest as the 'Farol Trio'(for the first and last time) on 2nd March 2010. Co-incidentally (or was it?), Saurabh (Vocalist) had also participated in the same festival but didn't happen to meet them. A year back Nayan had also approached Saurabh for the band, as they both used to play for local orchestras, Ganpati, Navratri Mandals, and whatever platforms they could find from 2005-07 (This has made them mentally tough for any and every sort of audience). But he had refused Nayan then because of his Final Year in IT Engineering. However, after his Engineering was complete, Saurabh decided (during a job interview) that he wanted to work towards his passion for music. Remembering the call from Nayan, he got back to him and enquired about the band's progress. The band, being in search of a vocalist, called him for a jam. Saurabh, jumped in at the opportunity, and got the 'Aadhar Card' of the band's family.

The name 'Indo Gypsies' was born in Nayan's head (a Goddess appeared in his dreams and suggested this name, at least that what he says) during his first venture. By the fear of being cursed, other members approved the name (Hahahahaa!) Through the next five months, we gradually completed the band with Chris on Bass, Sanchit on Drums, Sukrut on Tabla and Ameya on Percussions. Thus, Indo Gypsies had quickly grown into an 8-piece band!!! We then recorded our first song 'Zidd Dhariyo', and performed our first gig at Waves SeaRock Festival, Pune in October 2011. Shortly after that, Chris exited the band due to some personal commitments, and Rohan, a good friend of Nayan, and an awesome bassist, replaced Chris. He played for an original 'I Owe You', the only English number of the band (still confused with our genre!) We scored our first radio interview on Radio 90.8 FM Jago Mumbai with RJ Nimeet, featuring both of our originals. We were even awarded as '2011 Responsible Youth Talent' Award by Rotaract Club for our song "I'm Sending India To School" for a social cause initiated by Rotaract (woohoo our first award!). Our celebration for this faded fast, as Rohan couldn't keep up with the band shows due to his busy schedule. So finally, Mahant took a big step by shifting from guitar to the bass guitar. Thus, the number was now reduced to 7(still one too many).

Now, we had a number of shows with this line-up, and during one of such shows, a well known music directors' duo (please don't ask us their names) approached Durgesh to join in their studio for programming. Due to his studio schedule, he started missing out on the band's regular jam sessions. This gave way to a slow time for the band, as we were left with no shows for several months. Still, Indo Gypsies managed to create a buzz on the international radio channel, Radio ARA Luxembourg, Europe 103.3 FM 105.2 FM for two weeks from 27th May 2012 with their songs 'Zidd Dhariyo' and 'Soldier's Love'. Also, we released our Digital EP on 22nd July 2012, and got a huge response for it. Fortunately for the band, Durgesh eventually decided to quit his studio job and got back with the band, just in time for our next gig! However, the band was still in for a lot of changes. As time went by, we decided to combine percussions with Tabla under Sukrut, thus settling the band with a six-piece lineup (now, organizers would be able to afford our travelling costs!). As our journey continued, we realized our music was moving more towards Folk/Fusion/World music, blended in Indian roots. On 14th September 2012, we were honored to receive 'Tata Docomo Superstars Of The Year 2013' at the prestigious Shanmukhananda Hall, and also played an opening act for Indian Ocean at the same event. The year of 2012 then continued with a number of gigs.

Indo Gypsies began the next year with a bang, their song "Soldier's Love" featured in the compilation album, 'Best Of OK Listen Vol 1' with other leading Indian bands on 2nd Jan, 2013. We continued our winning streak by being awarded as India Fest Channel [V] LaunchPad winners on 18th Jan 2013. We were absolutely delighted to receive the ‘2013 Vocational Excellence Award’ by Rotary Club for our Achievements. Also, we performed for various music festivals, including Wassup Andheri by Times of India. However, over the course of time, the band had a major change in lineup, with Amit on Drums, Vinayak on Tabla, and Aditya on Bass. Indo Gypsies is now headed as one of the most prolific Folk/Fusion/World Music bands in India. We have been aired on various national Radios, namely Radio City 91.1 FM Mumbai, Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM Mumbai, and Radio City 91.1 FM Pune in 2013. Indo Gypsies were nominated for Radio City Freedom Awards 2013 and were featured in the Top Indian Folk/Fusion Artists by Planet Radio City 91.1 FM. Our performance was showcased on MTV in the show 'Rayban Never Hide Sounds'. Indo Gypsies' first ever documentary, showcasing their journey so far was telecast on the TV Channel City First in the show ‘Beat Street’.       - To be continued...

Meet the band members

Akshay Ponam

Akshay Ponam


Akshay Ponam

Nayan Kawale

Nayan Kawale


Founding member of Indo Gypsies. Plays an important role in building the song's concepts, arrangements and melodies for the band. A moody guy, loves doing theaters and penning poems.

Nayan Kawale

Clad in Kurta, Dhoti, Kolhapuri chappals and ethnic Accessories, Nayan brings out the folk roots through his guitar and onstage appearance as well. He started playing guitar at the age of 15 and is a disciple of Sir Ramesh Iyer. He has completed his B.E. in Electronics and Telecommunications, and is also CCNA certified. But, his passion and out-of-the-box thinking never allowed him to take a job in the corporate world. While in college, he was playing for local orchestras, but always had an aspiration of making a mark in independent music.

Though Indo Gypsies was born in his mind, it took 4 long years and 40,000 phone calls (literally) to find the people with similar vision. He believes in a concrete musical arrangement, as well as strong melodic lines which are depicted very often by the clean tone of his guitar. His solos often transcend to very contrasting genres, like Rock, Blues, Classical, Country Western, etc. which he easily blends into Folk music. He even does backing vocals, as well as percussions as the need arises. His eccentric (to the line of being weird) thoughts always brings a concept to every track of Indo Gypsies.

Latin Jazz and Folk Music are his favorite genres, and sometimes you might find him listening to songs which can’t even be found on Google (May be that’s the reason the band believes he is born in the wrong era!!!). Santana, Al Dimeola, Paco De Lucia, Joe Pass, Indian Ocean, George Benson, John McLaughlin are few artists you would find on Nayan’s playlist. Talking about his personal side, he is very moody and barely predictable. Besides music, he is very much fond of doing theaters and penning poems, and loves spending time with plants, birds, fishes, insects and everything that is natural.

Chirag Soni

Chirag Soni


Chirag Soni

Amit Mhatre

Amit Mhatre


A happy-go-lucky guy. Syncs drums with Tabla grooves to give a definitive, energetic and fusion essence to Indo Gypsies. Having an expertise in DJing, he is also a bike freak.

Amit Mhatre

Some people realize their dreams as time passes by, while some start living it right from their school days. Amit, our drummer, started playing drums for the school assembly while just in the fourth grade, at the age of 9. Having no musical influences in the family, Amit had a knack for drumming, and decided to pursue it not just as a hobby, but as his life. He still believes his talent is a god-given gift, and his dedication to hone it further got him to the Top 5 Drummers of ‘Kurkure Desi Beats Rock On with MTV (Season 1)’.

Having played drums and percussions at a variety of stages, from local banjo parties to Punk/Pop Rock bands, Amit is adept in various musical styles. He brings in these flavors in the band’s sound, and makes it more expressive as well as groovy. He effortlessly syncs in these rhythms with the Tabla and other percussions as needed, to give a definitive, energetic and Folkish sound to Indo Gypsies.

Amit also has a passion for DJing, and is certified from India’s very first DJ Academy (DJ Nasha’s Workstation ). He is a happy-go-lucky guy, and you’ll never find him tensed in any kind of situation(including exams, break-ups, or money recessions). Loves customizing his bikes(as well as his looks), and is a fitness freak. He has a taste for genres like Progressive Rock, Punk, EDM, etc. , with his personal favourites among bands/artists being Porcupine Tree, Green Day, GnR, Adventure Club, Armin Van Buuren and Hardwell.

Vinayak Gawas

Vinayak Gawas


Youngest member of the band with a brilliant rhythm sense. Plays a wide range of percussions in addition to the Tabla. Also interested in sports, trekking and travelling.

Vinayak Gawas

Born in 1992, Vinayak is the youngest member of the band. He started learning tabla at the tender age of 8 from Shri. Prashant Pimple. He is also disciple of Tabla maestro Dr. Aneesh Pradhan and Suryaksha Deshpande. Taking taalim from many gurus has enabled Vinayak to widen his horizons. He is recipient of prestigious Pt. V.D. Paluskar Award and Ustd. Amir Hussain Khan Saheb Award.

Learning Indian classical music for years has made it his forte. He adds the classical touch & Folkish feel to the songs with his soulful and innovative rhythmic patterns on tabla. His prowess in rhythms gives him an ability to play a wide range of percussions. This makes the rhythmic side of the band even stronger. He can tirelessly play tabla for hours , to the point that we have to literally make him stop during jams.

Vinayak is a very fun loving and outgoing guy. He is quite emotional at heart(his emotions come up when forced to leave the window seat while travelling with us). He believes in taking life as it comes and listening to his heart rather than mind. Other than music he also loves playing cricket & football, watching movies, reading books, trekking and travelling. He loves listening to Ustad Zakir Hussain, Sivamani, Trilok Gurtu and Taufiq Qureshi among others.

Aditya Jain

Aditya Jain


An extrovert and euphoric guy, sews together the harmonies and rhythms under the cloth of Folk music with his bass. Is also very fond of cycling and dogs.

Aditya Jain

Originally from Imphal, Aditya came to Mumbai and did his graduation in B.Com from Mumbai itself. At his school in Imphal, he used to sing Manipuri folk songs, and although being praised a lot for his voice, no one actually noticed nor did Aditya think of taking up music as a career. In the last year of his college, he started to perform live with some friends and that was the time he decided to start his musical journey not just as a hobby but as a profession. He picked up the bass guitar for Indo Gypsies, and started learning from Sir Ramesh Iyer, and then the bass grooves and melodies all became more exciting than ever.

Aditya as a bassist in the band always tried not to stick to a common bass pattern or groove. He sews together the harmonies and rhythms under the cloth of Folk music. He always tries to improvise on his bass where ever possible. As is not in the normal conventions, Aditya even plays lengthy, and groovy bass solos for some of our tracks. He adds unusual patterns to the band’s music and ultimately creates some exciting and deep fusion.

He is very extrovert, and always excited about some or the other thing (but we never know what’s cooking inside his mind). Most of the time lost in his own world, he likes cycling and travelling, with no bounds with respect to the place or time. He loves to be left alone with a music programming setup, his guitar and his dog. He thinks dogs are a part of life, and so is music. Its difficult to describe Aditya’s favorites, but yes with the band he likes to listen to Indian Ocean, The Raghu Dixit Project, Euphoria, and other similar artists.

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Soldier’s Love Official Music Video Release on 13th August,14

Soldier’s Love Official Music Video Release on 13th August,14

Soldier’s Love Official Music Video Has been Released Exclusively on Pepsi Mtv Indies & on our Youtube Channel. Watch the Video on

Soldier’s Love Official Music Video Shoot

Soldier’s Love Official Music Video Shoot

The locations and scenes are all done and we’ll be off for the video shoot of “Soldier’s Love”, scheduled on 21st-22nd January, 2014.

Judged ‘Musical Gizmos’ at Mood Indigo IIT Mumbai 2013

Judged ‘Musical Gizmos’ at Mood Indigo IIT Mumbai 2013

Indo Gypsies had a tough time picking out the best act, judging ‘Musical Gizmos’, a Rock Band contest at IIT Mumbai for Mood Indigo 2013.

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